Alley Cat

2 Jul

My Take

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Bill and I joined a square-dance club some time ago. It was great fun! We also took round-dance classes. I designed and sewed my own dresses and they were beautiful. One was Cotton Voile that just floated over the three to five net petticoats I wore under it to make the tiered skirt stand out.

Round dancing is a cross between square dancing and ballroom dancing. You have a caller, but you have to know the steps and you usually dance in the arms of someone you love, or at least like a lot.

Our teachers were K. O. and Phyllis Williams. Sometimes K. O. would ask me to dance. I was honored, but the minute K. O. put his hand on my waist I’d suddenly develop a shortness of breath and two left feet. K. O. was the best. He did every step perfectly. He was tall and slim and held himself like a Spanish Grande. He could dance! It made me nervous.

But my Bill, well, he was tall and straight too. He was just my Bill. We were both learning. Oh, Id’ get in Bill’s arms and suddenly my feet were clouds. Dancing shoes and boots barely touched the polished wooden floor and when they did, we glided. The skirt of my dress flew out in a wreath of lightness. I leaned into Bill for support on the turns and he was there, strong, reliable, and sweet.

One of our favorite songs was, “Alley Cat,” they play it on Pandora now and even though we have forgotten the precise steps, we still put our arms around each other and dance in the kitchen, or at least sway.

One Response to “Alley Cat”

  1. Linda Lewis October 13, 2012 at 3:17 pm #

    I love this post, DiVoran! I can just see you and Bill dancing. What a wonderful picture, on the dance floor or in your kitchen…


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