Speak Up Saturday- The Robin Diaries Part 1

9 Jun

Patricia Franklin has written a lovely series following a Robin family. We are happy to share the series  with you on Speak Up Saturday.

The Robin Diaries Part 1

Patricia Franklin

I had to let you know about the incident with the robins today. I was sitting on the patio and the male and female were both out in the grass. She collected a mouthful of dry grass and flew up to the fence in front of me. She looked at me, but I think she is not afraid… maybe there is some female chemistry between the two of us. She saw me before and continued working without any fear. But the male who was getting a little anxious, flew down and was gently pecking her on the back to get her to move along. (I have never seen this happen before). She flew over towards the lilac bush but passed it by. She was not yet ready to fix up the nest. He pecked at her again and she flew down into the garden, gathered some more grass, then flew into the nest from the back side. I thought it was cute the way he was concerned about her and was trying to persuade her to get out of my way and get her job done. And she was letting him know she had things under control. I never thought the male would be as concerned about the little flock as the female… especially before it is a flock.

Matthew 6:26


One Response to “Speak Up Saturday- The Robin Diaries Part 1”

  1. DiVoran June 9, 2012 at 8:04 am #

    Patricia Franklin seems almost like a modern day St. Francis in her love and understanding of (especially) birds. She sees things hardly anyone could see and she tells about them in such a charming way that even a child would be interested. I’m looking forward to following the series on Old Things R New on Saturdays for a while.


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