What’s Wrong with Potatoes Anyhow?

14 May

My Take

DiVoran LItes

I was just talking to my cats, Lily and Jasmine. I said, “keep on swimming, keep on swimming,” (Dorrie to Nemo)  but they are cat couch potatoes and didn’t know what I was talking about, couch potatoes don’t swim or even do much of anything else, that’s how they got their reputation as couch potatoes. I know, I know, cats don’t swim much either…some cats do and I’ve seen tigers…oh, never mind.

Anyhow, I have a couch I call, guess what? I call it my potato couch. I was showing it to a friend one day, and she gently reminded me that people are not made to lie about but to be up and at ‘em. She is so productive, creative, and organized. I envy her a little.

As for me, I have my couch rigged where I can lay full-out with my T. V. on a table at my feet (fairly big screen) and watch BBC dramas and Masterpiece Theater. Well, it’s cultural, isn’t it?

How did potatoes ever get the reputation for being useless, anyhow? What about French Fries, baked potatoes, shepherd’s pie? What about potatoes being filling and nutritious, especially if they are all you can afford, because they are cheap, or used to be. Bill says the term probably came from people who lie down to eat potato chips and watch T. V. I’m fond of potato chips and I’m just as fond of my potato couch and I love seeing my beautiful cats lying around like gorgeous sculptures ‘cause they go with all the furniture and they go with me, too.

Full-out on potato couch

2 Responses to “What’s Wrong with Potatoes Anyhow?”

  1. Melody May 15, 2012 at 1:46 am #

    The way I see it is that if the couch is the potato, then you are the topping. The topping is all the special goodness on top sprinkled with some kitty love.


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