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14 Jul

From the Heart

Louise Gibson




People need people to validate their dreams.
No one is independent-
We all need someone, it seems.


A speaker needs a listener
to the language of his heart.
We all need recognition-
true listening is an art.


Do you truly sense the hunger
when a person speaks to you-
Or do you struggle with impatience
to express your point of view?


We may not all be Hemingways
or famous for our prose-
But the need for self-expression
is something everyone knows.

(Are you listening?)


Photo by Mike Giles on Unsplash



The Wise Old Owl

29 Aug

From My Heart

Louise Gibson

author of Window Wonders




Years ago an anonymous writer

penned a short poem about the

merit of measuring our words.


“A wise old owl sat in an oak,

The more he saw the less he spoke.

The less he spoke the more he heard.

Why can’t we all be like

that wise old bird.”


There is a connection between wisdom

and limiting what we say.

It is wise to be a good listener

while holding our tongue at bay.


Be sensitive to the needs of the

one you are speaking to.

Listen to what their heart is saying

before expressing your point of view.



Although there is a time to be quiet

and a time to speak (Eccl.3;7)

choosing to speak less allows us to hear more.

Tree with owl

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