Butterflies and Flowers

1 Apr


Judy Wills



As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


New Mexico state flag – Credit Google Search

It was a grand place to live and grow up in. I loved the mountains – more now that I am no longer around them to enjoy.


ountains outside Albuquerque – Credit Google Search


I loved the dry climate – especially more now that I live in a humid environment. I loved the Indian/Mexican culture – I still do, with the sand paintings I have from my Aunt Jessie and the turquoise and silver jewelry I inherited from her.



There just isn’t much that I remember about Albuquerque and New Mexico in particular, that I don’t love. I mentioned once, a few years ago to our daughter, that it was dirty, dusty, and scrubby, but it was home. And I loved it! We had a cute, three-bedroom, one-bath house.



I remember Mom and Dad saying they needed to add another bathroom on – just because I took so long getting ready each morning. But they never did. They did add a covered patio that joined the house to the detached garage, which was nice. We had many a meal on that patio, in the evenings, especially, but sometimes breakfast. It was great.

When our neighbors added a concrete-block fence between their back yard and ours, my Mother planted many rose bushes and iris flowers along our side of the fence.


Fred and me by the roses


There was also a small, long stretch of dirt between the house the driveway, where she planted iris plants. I remember taking the petals from those iris plants and “pressing” them between book or Bible pages. When they flattened and dried, they were almost transparent – I could read through them! It was amazing.

Perhaps that’s why I came to love the iris flower so much. When I see them, it reminds me of “home” and how much I enjoyed those flowers blooming. I’ve never tried my hand at growing them, however. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a “black thumb” rather than a “green thumb” when it comes to growing anything! When we were in Heidelberg, Germany, someone had planted a bunch of iris bulbs at the end of one of the housing buildings. Every Spring, they just sprouted up – mostly lilac color, some white, some dark purple. My favorite is the dark purple, so I suppose that is the most prominent color of iris Mom had planted.

When our youngest daughter, Janet, was giving birth to her twins, I was able to attend to her in the hospital. I remember one day going by the gift shop in the hospital and stopping in my tracks! Hanging there was a beautiful, stain-glass window hanging that had butterflies and iris blossoms on it! It was one of those “I just MUST have that” moments, and so I purchased it and had it shipped home to Florida. It hangs in our “office” window where I can see it just any time I want.

I think it’s lovely. What do you think?




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