Practicing the Piano

25 Oct


Judy Wills


I’ve mentioned in previous musings about how I started taking piano lessons the day I started first grade – and they continued until I graduated from high school. I was not a very accomplished pianist at that time. Perhaps still not, but more than I was at that time.

1952-Our new piano

1952-Our new piano

I remember my brother, Bill, saying how much he hated practicing the violin – so much so that our parents gave up and let him quit. Well, I pretty much had the same feeling about the piano. Yeah, I wanted to play that instrument, but just didn’t want to devote the time to practice! But they wouldn’t let me quit.

In going through some old papers recently, I came upon this poem.


My mother, at some point in time, found it and cut it out and sent it to me. It depicted how I would “practice” so much of the time. I remember one particular time that I just sat there on the piano bench, not even touching a note. Mother was outside, hanging up the clothes on the clothesline, so I didn’t think she would hear me. When my “time” was up, I just skipped outside, ready to get to something else. Mother looked at me and said, “Did you have a nice nap? Now get in there and practice!!” Trudging back to the piano, my thought was, “how did she know???”

But, as with all things, practice…practice…practice is what it takes to get a command of any instrument. I learned that the hard way, whether the piano or the organ (still not my favorite instrument to play). As I said before, I have the talent, but I don’t have the gift of the instrument. I’ve never been able to just sit down and play something for my own enjoyment. I wish I did or could – it would have made my practice time so much more enjoyable.

I haven’t used my talent on the piano for several years now. I still have my books and I do sit down occasionally to keep my hand in, but not very often. I still love to play the old hymns – and some of the arrangements of some new songs. But I still must have that piece of music in front of me in order to play it. None of it comes naturally.

But if I am ever needed, I can, and do, pick it up and play. God has given me the ability to be able to play for Him and His Kingdom. I play for His Glory, and that fills me up like nothing else.

I am blest.

3 Responses to “Practicing the Piano”

  1. DiVoran Lites October 26, 2015 at 11:46 am #

    Dear Judy, I loved your piano post, the pictures and the poem. Thanks for sending. I have several things to say. 1. Bill will be telling you that he didn’t just get to quit playing the violin he had to break his wrist first. Ha. 2. Then I have to tell you I took piano lessons for a little while too. I went across the street from our restaurant to practice in the community room all by myself. I practiced exactly as it says in the poem and then one day Mother came over to hear me play. Of course we had somewhat of an altercation and I got so upset I held my breath (not on purpose), fainted, and fell of the piano beanch. I never had to take another lesson, 3. but now, I think I’ll try the “Play Piano in a Flash” method. They say with that one you don’t “practice” you play. We’ll see how it goes. Love you, D.


    • ludyja October 26, 2015 at 3:15 pm #

      With all your talent, you will do wonderfully! Enjoy the process! Love you, too.


  2. Louise Gibson October 26, 2015 at 6:46 am #

    You are such a talented lady, Judy. It was such a pleasure meeting you.


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