Unique paintings?!

6 Jan

I enjoyed this delightful story. I hope you enjoy it too.


After publishing the story “ULTIMATUM” I decided to check further how my first digital paintings (made in January and February of 2014) look after processing with the kaleidoscope effect.

I want to stress one more time that before January 2014 I’ve never painted anything and I believed that I had no chance to learn how to paint.

However, I met many good artists in different countries and some of them highly valued my opinions of their art (there are still very polite and patient people).

Tonight I can proudly state that all my paintings are unique. For 80 years of my lives I produced less than 20 paintings. So I think that collectors must pay a lot for each of them.

My discovery of the painting and photo editing program with the kaleidoscope effect allowed me to produce more interesting unique paintings in seconds.

Below are kaleidoscope paintings based on…

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