In the Pit…Again

3 Jun

I  am always pleased to welcome a guest blogger to Old Things R New but today I am especially pleased to welcome my friend and daughter, author Rebekah Lyn-Onisha


beach beckWe are all hurting, all struggling in some way. Some of us hide our pain better than others and it is easy to get wrapped up in our struggles, causing us to stop seeing the world beyond our own circumstances. A few months ago I was drowning in my own pain both physical and emotional. I lost two people that I loved dearly and nearly lost a third who, only by the grace of God, made it through a very serious illness. By the end of the month I was exhausted so when a friend asked if I wanted to go to a Casting Crowns concert I nearly said no. I’m so happy I didn’t.

The opening song by For King & Country was a big, booming production. There were bass drums, snare drums, timpani, so many drums and so much energy I could feel it reverberated through me and massaging my tired soul. I was on my feet, not hearing the words, only hearing the music. After the concert I had to tweet the band to find out what that song was so I could buy it. Turns out it was Fix My Eyes and wasn’t even released yet but was planned to be the first single off their next album. You can be sure I bought it the day it was released a few weeks later.

Throughout the evening I felt the pain and sorrow shedding like dead skin and knew I was being renewed-body, mind, and spirit. I only new one song from the new Casting Crowns album, Thrive, but every song seemed to have been written just for me. Three songs in particular stuck with me, the words jolting me out of the spiritual sleep I’d fallen into during the month of trials: Thrive, Dreamer, and All You Ever Wanted. I went home that night and slept better than I had in weeks.

Did I maintain the exhilaration and comfort I experienced that night? No, I don’t think highs like that can be maintained. We leave the confines of the concert, retreat, youth camp, or church service, wherever it is that we are lifted to the top of the mountain. We return to daily life, bills, job stress, running kids to activities, cleaning house, and juggling schedules that are too overloaded. If we don’t carve out time to focus on God and seek that connection we found in the moment of intense worship then we are back in the valley before we know it.

I may not always understand what I am reading in my quiet time, but I am still taking the time, keeping the door open so God and I can talk and I know he is preparing my heart for what’s next. The verse I read this morning may echo in my mind a month from now and keep me from falling.

Those highly emotional and intense worship experiences are fun and can pull us out of a pit, but the daily devotion and dialogue is what we need to help keep us from getting in the pit to begin with.

What are some of the mountain top experiences you’ve had?


Read more about Rebekah and her fellow authors at Rebekah Lyn Books. Be sure to look at the “Breaking News” to learn about her upcoming release, Jessie

3 Responses to “In the Pit…Again”

  1. ludyja June 3, 2014 at 2:02 pm #

    You could have been writing about my life. Great thoughts.


  2. divoran09 June 3, 2014 at 11:52 am #

    Exquisite and so wonderfully true!


  3. Louise Gib son June 3, 2014 at 11:12 am #

    This truly touched my heart! Great writing, and very thought provoking.


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